LiRA project will enable data from sensors to be collected in regular passenger cars and develop associated models to assess road condition. Road wear can thus be detected and improved much earlier, enabling the roads to be maintained more efficiently – and for fewer resources.

Modern cars are equipped with a variety of sensors that collect a lot of different data while driving.

This data can – directly or indirectly – be related to the condition of the specific road on which the car is traveling.

Collecting and processing this data from the cars creates a whole new opportunity; To utilize previously unused data sources for continuous and automated state measurement of the Danish road network.

That is the purpose of the LiRA (Live Road Assessment) project, which the Innovation Fund has invested DKK 12 million. kr. i.


With machine learning, a comprehensive mathematical model will be developed that allows the physical condition of the roads to be assessed. This can revolutionize the way road infrastructure is maintained and thus can save big.