LIRA goals will represent the proof of principle that a road network can be monitored managed by using sensors data collected from modern vehicles.


The first beneficiary of the project outcome will be the municipality of Copenhagen. In fact, they will have the possibility to use an alternative and objective service to evaluate the road conditions. Management and maintenance strategies will be driven and optimized by measures collected daily from the road network. Hazards for users will detected in advance compared to conventional methods due to high frequency of data acquisition.


On the same level, all the other municipalities that will decide to offer a car sharing service might choose GreenMobility so that they would be able to offer an eco-friendly transportation service combined to an optimal road survey platform.


LIRA models, database structure, sensors setup will represent the starting point for the development of this technology over alternative platforms of data acquisition. DRD and other road authorities will have the interest on promoting the development of this methodology. Collecting data by using cars will be cheaper compared to conventional methods.